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Los Angeles Schools Strike: Classes Called Off For 420,000 Students

Schools9 hours ago WebLos Angeles schools close as workers begin a three-day strike. The strike began on Tuesday in Van Nuys, Calif., with bus drivers and other school employees …

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The Key Differences Between Nashville And Uvalde Shooting …

Schools4 hours ago WebThe Nashville shooting response draws comparisons to Uvalde, but there are key differences. In both instances, officers rushed to the scenes and immediately entered …

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Los Angeles Schools Shut Down After LAUSD Workers Launch 3 …

Schools5 hours ago WebLos Angeles Schools Shut Down After Workers Launch Three-Day Strike. The work stoppage began early Tuesday morning with a picket line at a district bus yard. …

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Divided House Passes G.O.P. Bill On HotButton Schools Issues

Schools8 hours ago WebMarch 24, 2023 Updated 12:30 p.m. ET. WASHINGTON — A divided House on Friday approved legislation that would mandate that schools make library catalogs …

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Opinion Education In America: School Is For Everyone The New …

Schools5 hours ago WebHome-schooling is on the rise, private schools have gained students, and an unknown number have dropped out altogether; Los Angeles said up to 50,000 students …

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The Covenant School In Nashville Is A Small Academy Housed At A

Schools8 hours ago WebThe Covenant School is a small academy housed at a Presbyterian church. A mass shooting at a private school is rare; most recent high-profile cases have occurred …

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6 Killed In Nashville School Shooting, Including 3 Children

Schools7 hours ago WebLive Updates: 5 Killed in Nashville School Shooting, Hospital Says. The shooter died after police officers responded Monday morning at the Covenant School, …

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Nashville School Shooting Victims Remembered By Community In …

Schools9 hours ago Web2 days ago · NASHVILLE — In a stately stone building on a hill, the Covenant School was a private academy designed as an escape from the bustle of Nashville and a haven where …

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Schools Are Closing Classrooms On Fridays. Parents Are …

Schools1 hours ago WebDETROIT — Caitlin Reynolds, a single mother, was happy that her son, L.J., was finally settled into fourth grade after a rocky experience last year with remote learning. Then, on Wednesday, Nov

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Senator Seeks Details Of Schools’ Deals With Betting Companies

Schools5 hours ago Web2 days ago · By Kevin Draper. March 27, 2023, 3:13 p.m. ET. Pressure is continuing to build upon colleges and universities that have partnerships with sports betting companies. …

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More Pandemic Fallout: The Chronically Absent Student

Schools9 hours ago WebPublished April 20, 2022 Updated July 18, 2022. After the coronavirus pandemic pushed his classes online in the spring of 2020, Isaac Mosley, now 18, got …

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What We Know About The Los Angeles Schools Strike

Schools2 hours ago WebSome schools are providing supervision, without class instruction, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the strike. Eighteen recreation centers in Los Angeles County are …

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How Educators Secretly Remove Students With Disabilities From …

Schools1 hours ago WebDakotah’s tumultuous educational journey has been marked by a series of tactics, known as informal removals, that schools secretly and sometimes illegally use to …

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Rich Schools, Poor Schools And A Biden Plan The New York Times

$20 Off7 hours ago WebRich Schools, Poor Schools and a Biden Plan. The way U.S. education is funded can widen disparities. A proposed $20 billion program seeks to even things out. …

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These 4 Schools Created Outdoor Classrooms. Take A Look. The …

Schools7 hours ago WebTristan Spinski for The New York Times. Amy Leonardi envied private schools that seemed to have no problem holding class outdoors. “Montessori-style, or …

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They’re Playing In The Tournament Too, But From The Stands

Schools5 hours ago Web14 hours ago · Pep bands follow their schools’ teams around the country, providing the soundtrack to games on their instruments. Send any friend a story As a subscriber, you …

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Opinion A Florida School Banned A Disney Movie About Ruby …

Schools2 hours ago Web18 hours ago · This month, an elementary school in St. Petersburg, Fla., stopped showing a 1998 Disney movie about Ruby Bridges, the 6-year-old Black girl who integrated a public …

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Targeting 'Critical Race Theory,' Republicans Rattle American …

Schools2 hours ago WebDisputing Racism’s Reach, Republicans Rattle American Schools. In a culture-war brawl that has spilled into the country’s educational system, Republicans at …

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Do Police Officers Make Schools Safer Or More Dangerous?

Schools5 hours ago WebBy the 2013-14 school year, two-thirds of high school students, 45 percent of middle schoolers and 19 percent of elementary school students attended a school …

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What Students Are Saying About Banning Books From School …

Schools7 hours ago WebIn the article “Book Ban Efforts Spread Across the U.S.,” Elizabeth A. Harris and Alexandra Alter write about the growing trend of parents, political activists, school …

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Still Separate, Still Unequal: Teaching About School Segregation …

Schools1 hours ago WebAlthough many students learn about the struggles to desegregate schools in the civil rights era, segregation as a current reality is largely absent from the curriculum. …

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Behind NYC’s Surge In Teen Murder: Grief, Anger And Online …

Schools9 hours ago Web9 hours ago · Behind a Surge in Teenage Killings: Grief, Anger and Online Grudges. Teenagers were arrested and charged with murder at a rate that grew twice as fast as …

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After Mass Shootings, Republicans Expand Access To Guns

Schools1 hours ago Web16 hours ago · March 29, 2023, 9:55 p.m. ET. After a mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas last year prompted calls for new gun restrictions, Republican-led states …

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Litter Boxes For Students Who Identify As Furries? Not So, Says …

Schools8 hours ago WebA member of the public who spoke at the meeting, Lisa Hansen, says in the video that she was informed by someone the day before the meeting that litter boxes had …

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War In Ukraine Disrupts Education Of Millions Of Children The …

Schools2 hours ago WebApril 13, 2022. KRAKOW, Poland — Across Ukraine, kindergartens have been bombed, elementary schools have been converted into shelters and in some cities …

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Canada’s Grim Legacy Of Cultural Erasure, In The New York Times

SchoolsJust Now WebHere are photographs documenting some of the history of the schools; the one below shows a classroom at the All Saints Residential School in Lac la Ronge, …

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